POPS is dedicated to developing the next generation of talent found in Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond. We aim to discover the next superstars, helping them grow and nurture their talents while we groom them for exposure to a global audience.

Why POPS talents

For Talent

- Development planning & orientation: POPS creates a development plan tailored to your individual strengths/abilities.

- Image building & management: POPS helps develop your brand, ensuring you hit the ground running.

- Distribution & rights management: POPS protects your intellectual property so that you can focus on what you do best.

- Priority: Prioritized for all appropriate POPS projects.

- Brand partnerships: A wide catalogue of partner brands available, affording you exceptional promotional opportunities.

For Partner

- Massive Resources: We handpick the right talent/KOLs for your campaign based on your target audience, industry, geography, gender and age.

- Creative: We help turn your brand into a meaningful story that resonates with each region.

- Campaign management: Whether it’s working with one or a thousand KOLs/Influencers, we’ll manage this process for you.

- Insights: Analysis and reporting to track performance and ROI.

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Talent Development

Quin and Roy are 2 Vietnamese members of the multinational idol band - Z-Boys and Z-Girls under POPS’s support. They have been trained in Korea and have been performing across Asia since 2019. In the future, they will be promoted more specifically in the Vietnam market. POPS is constantly on the lookout for new potential talents just like them.

KOLs & Influencers

POPS collaborates and manages a network of artists, content creators, and influencers who have a great impact on the public. Acting as a bridge, POPS expertly consults to help KOLs and brands easily connect and engage with each other and their audiences.

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