POPS is the biggest KOL network in Vietnam, working with celebrities of all kinds. Through full-range marketing solutions, we gain the best KOL service costs on the market and awesome cross-promotional opportunities with other massive KOLs and KOCs.

Why POPS talents

For Talent

- Development planning & orientation: POPS creates a development plan tailored to your individual strengths/abilities.

- Image building & management: POPS helps develop your brand, ensuring you hit the ground running.

- Distribution & rights management: POPS protects your intellectual property so that you can focus on what you do best.

- Priority: Prioritized for all appropriate POPS projects.

- Brand partnerships: A wide catalogue of partner brands available, affording you exceptional promotional opportunities.

For Partner

- Massive Resources: We handpick the right talent/KOLs for your campaign based on your target audience, industry, geography, gender and age.

- Creative: We help turn your brand into a meaningful story that resonates with each region.

- Campaign management: Whether it’s working with one or a thousand KOLs/Influencers, we’ll manage this process for you.

- Insights: Analysis and reporting to track performance and ROI.

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KOLs & Influencers

POPS collaborates and manages a network of artists, content creators, and influencers who have a great impact on the public. Acting as a bridge, POPS expertly consults to help KOLs and brands easily connect and engage with each other and their audiences.

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