POPS App is an all-inclusive digital entertainment platform used and beloved by millions of fans every day.

Watching cartoons on the POPS app is the best way to relax, there’s a lot of series cartoon movies, so cool!

Bùi Kim Ngân
Google Play

I could watch a lot of movies on POPS, all exclusive and quality movies only.

Vũ Văn Vũ
Google Play

This app does not take too much capacity, a lot of good video, sharp image, running smoothly. Just having POPS my free time is not boring anymore.

Thùy Trang
Google Play

Nice interface app, icon was arranged neatly and reasonably so it’s very easy to use. I could choose my favourite contents quickly.

Văn Kiệt
Google Play

POPS has a lot of great and exclusive contents that I can not find on the others.

Trần Ngọc
Google Play

This app does not take too much capacity, easy to use and a lot of good movies. I could use this app for mobile and television versions. It’s so comfortable and suitable for my parents.

Mai Thanh Tâm

This app plays video smoothly, i could forward many times but video still runs easily. Whenever the network is weak, I often use POPS to watch videos, I don’t have to worry about the movie download speed anymore.

Lâm Thiên Ân

POPS is one of useful app to relax, suitable for all ages. I feel excited with the fascinating comics, extreme diverse contents and the best of Anime series. I really love One Piece.

Tú Tú

Going to POPS to watch movies is to ensure standard quality, always HD ratio in playing video, clear and fast loading, love it!

Dương Linh

Using POPS to watch comedy shows and listen to music is the best way to enjoy your spare time. I vote 10/10 for this app.

Minh Châu

Thanks POPS Kids! Now I could let my child watch the Mầm Chồi Lá show on TV.

Huyền Hoàng Thị

Great! My child really loves this app and beside that he could learn a lot of new lessons. My family have time to enjoy TV shows together on POPS Kids.

Quang Hồ

I really love this app, because there are a lot of interesting and exclusive cartoon movies.

Phạm Trung

This app is suitable for kids. They could both play and learn. Parents absolutely rest assured for their children to use.

Đông Lương

This app is so great and useful for children. I recommend you guys should download cause it’s very good for your child.

Huỳnh Mai

This app is good and free downloading. It’s very helpful for your child.Thanks POPS Kids!


The best managed way for your child. I was delighted when I gave this app to my child.


Help parents feel secure about their children’s internet activities.


POPS started as a music provider for top telco networks & music platforms. The first multi platform network in Vietnam, POPS successfully established the country’s copyrighted entertainment industry and is now a leader in content acquisition and distribution with a variety of categories across multiple platforms.

With our unique insights into the lives of our audiences combined with our creative leadership, POPS Creative Studio collaborates with partners and artists from around the world to produce the dynamic entertainment content that thrills and captivates audiences everywhere and for years to come.

POPS Events expands on POPS expertise by helping partner brands engage with passionate audiences through live performances featuring celebrated artists and content creators.

POPS is dedicated to developing the next generation of talent found in Vietnam, Thailand, and beyond. We aim to discover the next superstars, helping them grow and nurture their talents while we groom them for exposure to a global audience.

POPS brand & ads solutions provide clients with innovative and creative ideas to connect partner brands to their consumers. POPS branded content & experiential campaigns offer an effective and proven marketing strategy to ensure clients reach and engage their target audiences and maximize their return on investment across all digital channels.

POPS Comic is the latest addition to POPS content offering and has quickly developed into the leading comic producer in Vietnam. A dynamic and fast-growing industry, comic artists and authors across the region are now supported better than ever, thanks to POPS Comic Studio.