Ms. Sally Truong is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience spanning over 10 years in large and diverse organizations across the entertainment, digital entertainment, and technology sectors.

Prior to joining POPS Worldwide, Ms. Truong made significant contributions to the success of numerous communications plans for hundreds of movies from renowned global studios including Fox, Disney, Universal, Paramount, and Summit. Her efforts played a pivotal role in driving substantial growth for the Vietnam cinema industry. Additionally, she assumed responsibility for corporate communications at one of South Korea’s largest multiplex cinema chains, spearheading effective campaigns that successfully developed the cinema market and forged strong connections with customers while aligning with the brand’s objectives.

Throughout her impressive tenure at POPS, Ms. Truong showcased her remarkable abilities in various roles over the course of eight years. She skillfully built and nurtured PR and Social teams, subsequently establishing a cohesive Corporate Communications team. Moreover, she took charge of POPS Awards series, diligently planned communication strategies for POPS and its sub-brands and projects, and made notable contributions to the growth and success of the organization. Recognizing her exceptional skills, she was promoted to Director of POPS Studios, where she leads Creative Studios, POPS Comic, Corporate Communication, and Asset Production. In addition, she assumed the role of Head of Operations in the Content & Partnership department.

Ms. Sally Truong’s expertise and track record of achievements make her a valuable asset to the POPS team, as she continues to drive innovation, creativity, and strategic communication initiatives in the ever-evolving entertainment landscape.