POPS has a network of more than 3,000+ content partners from around the world. And is an authority on all leading social networking platforms such as Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook as a comprehensive solution to promote and develop partners' online audience brand building and engagement.

POPS started as a music provider for top telco networks & music platforms. The first multi platform network in Vietnam, POPS successfully established the country’s copyrighted entertainment industry and is now a leader in content acquisition and distribution with a variety of categories across multiple platforms.

With our unique insights into the lives of our audiences combined with our creative leadership, POPS Creative Studio collaborates with partners and artists from around the world to produce the dynamic entertainment content that thrills and captivates audiences everywhere and for years to come.

POPS Events expands on POPS expertise by helping partner brands engage with passionate audiences through live performances featuring celebrated artists and content creators.

POPS is the biggest KOL network in Vietnam, working with celebrities of all kinds. Through full-range marketing solutions, we gain the best KOL service costs on the market and awesome cross-promotional opportunities with other massive KOLs and KOCs.

POPS brand & ads solutions provide clients with innovative and creative ideas to connect partner brands to their consumers. POPS branded content & experiential campaigns offer an effective and proven marketing strategy to ensure clients reach and engage their target audiences and maximize their return on investment across all digital channels.