POPS Events expands on POPS expertise by helping partner brands engage with passionate audiences through live performances featuring celebrated artists and content creators.

Live Concert

Each event highlights POPS unique ability to captivate countless eager spectators as they witness their favorite shows being brought to life. This is an easy way for partner brands to attract, engage, and convert their target customers live through epic events. With carefully constructed, professionally orchestrated experiences showcasing the top artists in the region, POPS has organized numerous successful events including countdown festivals, and more that audience members won’t soon forget.

Casting Contest

With a constant effort to improve the experiences of the audience, POPS also focuses on finding new potential talents for each upcoming project. POPS regularly organizes casting contests aimed at recruiting undiscovered talents of all ages, searching for fresh, new faces to promote content products, POPS Events and POPS partners. POPS offers countless ways for partner brands to reach and engage with potential customers.

Launching Event

POPS has formed strong relationships with the regions’ media, multi-channel networks, and social media platforms. Thanks to these long established relationships, POPS often organizes highly-publicized launch events for content products, affording partner brands excellent opportunities to spread their message to the masses.

Fan Meeting

With a deep understanding of the public’s interests, POPS supports many domestic and foreign artists, providing them with the platforms to connect with fans through numerous activities including fan meetups, and exclusive VIP access. Like other events we host, these provide excellent sponsorship opportunities to spread awareness on our partner brands.

Brand Activation

POPS has successfully organized many Brand Activation events for POPS brands, allowing POPS partners to more easily capture the attention of target customers through exciting experiential activities customized to their interests and aligned with the brand’s business strategies.