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POPS officially joins forces as partner with Samsung Vietnam


Along with the continuous changes in the booming e-commerce industry, POPS’s Social Commerce and Influencer Marketing are also expanding and developing rapidly. POPS has become an official partner of Samsung Vietnam in the field of Influencer Marketing

In the spotlight of marketing activities for the brand, POPS sincerely thanks Samsung Vietnam for trusting us with the responsibility of ideation, production organization, and collaboration with Influencers in the livestream and social commerce campaigns of Samsung Vietnam in June and July. With this collaboration, POPS has gained new opportunities to accompany Samsung Vietnam and engage in more effective activities in the field of Social Commerce for the brand.

With a profound understanding of users’ entertainment needs and a highly skilled creative team, POPS consistently accompanies renowned brands in generating a series of fresh and innovative ideas aimed at connecting the brand with its customers. We are committed to building experiential campaigns and unique content, accompanied by an effective communication strategy to ensure that our clients reach their target audience and optimize profits across all digital channels.

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