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POPS Music – From the First Music Hits to the Diamond Play Button and Leading Music Network


In early January 2024, POPS Music, a music channel, officially celebrated over 10 years of operation by achieving an impressive milestone of 10 million subscribers and over 8 billion views on its YouTube channel. This latest Diamond Play Button is the 6th Diamond Play Button within the POPS network (following POPS Kids, Fap TV, M-TP, Eli Kids, and Ben Eagle).

Established in 2013, POPS Music is known as a major licensed music YouTube channel with a diverse collection of music and videos spanning various genres. It is operated by the pioneering digital music entity POPS Worldwide in Vietnam since the early 2000s. The creation of the POPS Music YouTube channel marked a significant milestone in establishing new habits, releasing music products, and distributing music videos on digital platforms. Soon after its launch, POPS Music became a reliable destination for many production units and artists, setting records early on by achieving the Silver Play Button in just 9 months, the Gold Play Button in over 2 years, and being the sole representative of Vietnam in the Top 100 most-viewed YouTube channels worldwide in March 2017.

Over the past decade, POPS Music has been known for its diversity in music genres, ranging from Folk, Pop, Ballad, Rock to Dance and EDM. POPS Music has accompanied artists and viewers through the development stages of Vietnamese music, leaving marks with the success of Ho Viet Trung’s “Giai cuu tieu thu” series in 2015, the hits of artists like Khoi My, Nhat Kim Anh, along with the Bolero trend and timeless music videos. The channel has also gained popularity with millions of views for music videos from young artists, such as Tra My Idol’s “Dung ai nhac ve anh ay” with 84 million views, Bao Anh’s “Trai tim em cung biet dau” with 145 million views, and The Men’s “If it’s me” with 104 million views.

POPS Music serves as a bridge between the audience and major music events in the community, including the first Countdown Festival in Da Lat, the Z COUNTDOWN MUSIC FEST welcoming 2020 in Nha Trang, the virtual reality Tiger Remix music festival, the HOZO International Music Festival in Ho Chi Minh City in 2022, and the Handy Hao Hao Summer Show in 2023.

Amid the explosion of music content on digital platforms, over the 10-year journey of brand development, POPS Music has become the preferred and trusted choice for partners, music production units, singers, and artists for music-related projects, including consultation, production, and distribution. It has also collaborated with major brands like Acecook, Sprite, and Castrol.

As of now, with the latest achievement of the Diamond Play Button on their YouTube channel, POPS Music stands as one of the largest music networks in Vietnam and the region, collaborating with top artists such as My Tam, Son Tung, Ha Anh Tuan, etc. The 10-year milestone, marked by the Diamond Play Button, serves as a beautiful commemoration for the POPS Music brand, ushering in a promising new phase to continue accompanying artists and its audience with increasingly remarkable music products that align with trends and reach a broader international market.