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POPS Leads the Way in Social Commerce, Unveiling Comprehensive Services in the Digital Era!


POPS, a trailblazer in the Creator Economy, boasting a vast network of tens of thousands of creators, is poised for an innovative foray into the realm of Social Commerce. Breaking new ground, we are excited to introduce our all-encompassing 360-degree service, covering customer targeting, shop management, creative branding strategies, efficient product delivery, and a cutting-edge in-house studio. This service has been and is being actively deployed in all three countries where POPS operates, including Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Esther Nguyen, Founder & CEO of POPS Worldwide, highlighted the transformation of the social media landscape, shifting from entertainment to a key driver of the retail revolution. The global pandemic and evolving consumer behavior have expedited the move from traditional entertainment to online commerce. Social Commerce on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram is now pivotal, offering convenience, cost-effectiveness, and direct brand interaction, making it a burgeoning trend in Southeast Asia.

In response to the burgeoning demand for innovative customer engagement solutions, POPS introduces POPS Social Commerce services encompasses tailoring Social Commerce plans based on each brand’s personality and expectations, ensuring effective sales scenarios while maintaining brand integrity including creative branding content; selecting & managing influencers; an avant-garde in-house studio and production supports. POPS Social Commerce community of over 20,000 skilled shop owners and creators across the region is ready to cater to diverse brand requirements.

Last 2 years, POPS has proudly been the preferred partner for numerous brands in promotional and online sales campaigns, leveraging POPS’ extensive network of KOLs and KOCs across three countries. Some notable brands include Samsung, Gojek, L’oreal Garnier, Maybelline Unilever, and 3CE benefiting from various services such as content consultation, content production, live stream sales, and comprehensive management of influencers, KOCs, KOLs, and promotional campaigns to drive sales.

One of the highlights of POPS’ Social Commerce service is POPS SHOP, an innovative platform that seamlessly converges with all major social media networks into a unified transaction dashboard, catering to both Creators and Brands. This dynamic platform empowers brands and suppliers to seamlessly engage their target audience through a diverse array of social media channels, from TikTok to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and beyond. For Creators and Social Sellers (KOCs/KOLs), POPS SHOP represents a comprehensive tool designed to facilitate product discovery and promotion across various social media outlets. With an extensive dashboard providing invaluable insights, creators can effortlessly monitor their performance, highlighting their strengths and optimizing their strategies. On the KOCs/KOLs side, POPS also provides live studio and Ready-to-Sell Products that empowers creators with or without experience in live product sales.

POPS aims to set new standards in Social Commerce by seamlessly integrating the connection between content creation. POPS aspires to achieve around 10 million USD in E-commerce revenue within the next two years, spanning the entire region. This visionary objective underscores POPS’ commitment to continuous innovation, adapting to the ever-evolving trends, and solidifying its leadership in the dynamic world of Social Commerce.

In conclusion, with a comprehensive Social Commerce service and innovative transaction platform, POPS is not just adapting to the digital shift but actively shaping the future landscape of how businesses engage with their audiences.

Discover the future of Social Commerce with POPS!

For Influencers: https://popsww.com/en/influencers

For Brands: https://popsww.com/en/brands-suppliers-2/


About POPS Worldwide

POPS Worldwide, a dynamic, innovative SE Asian entertainment leader, thrives on creativity and high-quality content. Our diverse team of talented individuals spans various disciplines, including content creation, production, technology, partnership, and marketing. With a vast network comprising over 3000 artists and content partners, we connect with an expansive audience of more than 800 million fans of all ages. Engaging across diverse platforms, our content offerings include captivating experiences in music, video, animation, and more, resulting in an impressive 384 billion lifetime views. At POPS, we are dedicated to pushing boundaries, shaping trends, and making a meaningful impact in the ever-evolving world of entertainment. For more information, please visit www.popsww.com