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Encouraging Business Improvement and Creator Content Creativity, POPS Worldwide Presents POPS Shop Indonesia


With the support of POPS Shop, business owners can increase brand awareness, reach more new customers, and even encourage increased sales. Meanwhile, content creators can add followers who like certain products from that brand.

Jakarta, 16 May 2023 – As an effort to encourage business improvement and the role of content creators, POPS Worldwide, a leading entertainment company in Southeast Asia, on 15 May 2023, POPS presents a brand-new platform engaged in social commerce under the name POPS Shop Indonesia. This latest program was motivated by the overwhelming response from 5,000 creators and 100 leading brands in Indonesia who have been working with Pops Worldwide since 2020.

The presence of POPS Shop Indonesia is driving the use of digital technology in Indonesia’s dynamic business sector. In order to promote services and products with innovation and creativity, digital content creators play a crucial role in disseminating information and knowledge to a wide audience. By working with creators in the digital world, promotional and marketing activities can reach more people and benefit various parties.

“POPS Worldwide has always been committed to providing innovative and creative digital entertainment experiences for our audiences. Extending our innovation with POPS Shop, creators can create content and connect with brands to enable commerce. From content to commerce across all digital platforms, we are excited to continue adding value to all our core stakeholders, creators, brands, and our audience,” said Esther Nguyen, Founder and CEO of POPS Worldwide.

(From left to right, POPS Worldwide Founder and CEO Esther Nguyen and POPS Worldwide Indonesia Country Manager Zico Kemala taking pictures in front of the POPS Worldwide office, Senayan, South Jakarta)

Collaboration with content creators has developed greatly in Indonesia. With the widespread use of digital technology, these creators play a crucial role in social media marketing and other business activities. By partnering with content creators, businesses can increase awareness of their products or services among the public. The digital content creators use their skills to attract more customers and promote the features and benefits of the products.

However, it is not always easy for the public to find content creators who have the necessary knowledge and experience in the specific product category that business owners offer. Recognizing this challenge, POPS Worldwide has created a platform to match brands with preferred key opinion leaders, or KOLs, who have demonstrated proficiency and popularity in the industry. The POPS Shop social commerce platform is designed to facilitate easy and accurate matchmaking between businesses and content creators to ensure successful collaboration.

POPS Shop, as a Social Commerce platform, enables brands to connect directly with KOLs who have a strong affinity with their product categories. By leveraging the social networks of these content creators, POPS Shop can significantly increase brand awareness, reach new customers, and encourage word-of-mouth marketing to boost sales. For KOLs, this partnership offers opportunities to specialize in several categories as they present products from popular and well-known brands to their followers, further strengthening their position as content creators.

POPS Shop offers flexible requirements to facilitate collaboration opportunities for content creators of all backgrounds. With competitive commissions and an easily accessible platform, POPS Shop is a friendly and inclusive environment for aspiring and professional KOLs alike.

(From left to right, POPS Worldwide Founder and CEO Esther Nguyen and POPS Worldwide Indonesia Country Manager Zico Kemala taking pictures in front of the POPS Worldwide office, Senayan, South Jakarta)

“This is a game changer for brands and content creators. Our platform not only enables content creators to impact followers on their social media but also provides consumers with a more personalized shopping experience,” said Zico Kemala Batin, Country Manager of POPS Worldwide Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Head of POPS Shop Indonesia, Marcella Natashia hopes that the launch of this platform can provide a bright future for the development of social commerce in Indonesia. “We have aspirations to provide the best ecosystem to all stakeholders by sharing new experiences regarding social commerce in Indonesia in the future. This solution can benefit all stakeholders, where we help connect brands with content creators who collaborate according to their interests in providing informative product reviews and attractive promos from creators to buyers.”

To ensure the maximum shopping experience at the launch of POPS Shop to the wider community, POPS Shop has collaborated with leading brands such as Somethinc, Hanasui, and Azarine. In addition, POPS Shop has also been supported by well-known content creators who have joined and have become part of affiliate programs such as Ruce Nuenda, Nadya Teja, Jessica Alicia, and Muhammad Fachrul Rozy.

The POPS Shop platform is now available and open for creator registration. To learn and get more information, visit the following link: https://popsid.shop/creator-registration


About POPS Worldwide:

POPS WORLDWIDE is a leading digital entertainment company in Southeast Asia. Founded in 2007 in Vietnam, the company has become a forerunner and leader in the field of Digital Entertainment. Helping brands and creators of all sizes to start and even grow their awareness to the public. The company’s mission is to make social commerce accessible to everyone, by providing easy-to-use, affordable, and effective solutions that drive growth and success.