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Digital entertainment company POPS honors Vietnam’s Comic Creators and Invests in their future


POPS announced its successful completion of POPS Comic Awards 2021. The awards commemorate outstanding work by artists and comic creators on the POPS platform.

Hosted by POPS Comic, POPS Bonus Program has first been organized since 2020 which aims to actively promote Vietnamese comic artists to fans of the platform and remains focused on developing great digital entertainment. This provides a great opportunity for local artists across the country to build their brands and audience by delivering new, exciting content to fans.

POPS Bonus Program 2021 came up with a new highlight when creating the POPS Comic Awards to honor these amazing artists with special cash prize rewards from POPS Bonus Program 2021.

The Main prizes of Bronze, Silver, and Gold are awarded to those authors who created multiple award-winning works. Secondary awards are also given to those who displayed impressive writing as well as those with exceptional art. With its integration into the POPS App, POPS Comic Awards 2021 will also reward those authors with the most views on the platform. The authors of the top 3 most viewed works will also be rewarded cash prizes for their efforts.

Top 3 comic titles POPS Bonus Program 2021.

During the preliminary stages, a shortlist of 20 creators was chosen by the judges including many notable names in the Vietnamese comic industry. Each entry was then evaluated on 4 criteria: Ideas, narration, art, and consistency. In the end, only 5 content creators could be awarded the Main prizes and Secondary Awards.

Some of the big winners of the POPS Comic Awards 2021 were CLGTart & Themy, RED and Titanguyen, these are the potential artists in the community and their works have been loved by not only Vietnamese fans but also the froreign audiences. As Winners of the Main and Secondary prizes, prestige and greater visibility are sure to follow.

POPS is very excited to continue supporting each new generation of artists to follow their passion and bring joy and hope to a massive fan base across the country. And POPS Comic has already had some big successes from series on the platform like Lac Troi Comic, SBTC – Survival Plan of Team Teacher Ba, and My Brother is a T-rex.

POPS Worldwide will continue to expand out and diversify its curated content library to include different genres that keep fans excited. This will continue to help creatives and content creators of all kinds to reach target audiences in Gen Z and expand their influence through comics, webtoon, and all kinds of awesome premium content.