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At present, the appearance of the 100% Vietnamese animation – “Biet Doi Ion Bac” (Silver Ion Squad) has released the “desire” for the scarcity of “made in Vietnam” animation. As both content and image are well evaluated, it’s predicted would be going viral among Vietnamese internet users in the upcoming time. 

In recent years, Vietnam’s film industry has witnessed a dramatic breakthrough among filmmakers. The contemporary Vietnamese filmmakers have gained a wider audience. The quality of Vietnam’s films is more increasing to adapt to the market demand.

However, Vietnamese kids – the very important audience that accounts for more than a quarter of the population has not received much attention from Vietnamese filmmakers yet.

Thereupon, POPS Worldwide and Lifebuoy co-produced an animation film made completely in Vietnam named “Biet Doi Ion Bac” (Silver Ion Squad).A new animation – produced by Vietnamese filmmakers has gone viral among Vietnamese internet users in the past few days.

The film not only attracts the attention of Vietnamese kids but also attracts adults – especially parents because of creative content, well approach, exploitation topic intelligent, beautiful and eye-catching images, child-friendly and ingeniously integrated.

Every child want to be a superhero

Understanding that every kid want to be a superhero and Vietnamese children are no exception, the Silver Ion Squad was made based on the superhero theme familiar to them, but featured Vietnamese culture. Besides, the film has ingeniously integrated lessons in life.

With a new form of education, the film is flowing wind for Vietnamese’s films for kids, in order to encourage children to confidently pursue their dreams.

Silver Ion Squad content takes places in the year 2108. This time, humans are living in a very peaceful place and have a bustling life with the modern equipment and robots around. But that harmonious life is not long because a bacterium that has just escaped Dr. Lifebuoy on the way from milky way to the Earth. It leads to the fate of the planet will depend on three little friends with three characteristics: Long (nickname “Long smart”), Thanh (nickname “Thanh wise”) and An (nickname An “mild”). They are luckily chosen by artificial intelligence from the universe to become warriors protect the earth. Are our superheroes able to save this earth?

On the journey to find and destroy the bacteria that harm the earth, Long, Thanh and An will experience many challenges to show hardihood, daring and strong-will. Throughout the film, POPS and Lifebuoy brand want to send a meaningful message: “Each person has his own special latent ability. Just to study and learn, we will promote and use it effectively.

The message after each episode is the difference key between Silver Ion Squad and most commercials on the market. There are educational short films about 30 seconds was integrated into the end of each episode for children with a lot of relating topic in our life.

Animation made in Vietnam

Silver Ion Squad was produced in May 2018 by POPS Worldwide, the leading digital entertainment in Southeast Asia. The team spent three months brainstorming and producing a Vietnamese animation for children.

Owning the YouTube channel – POPS Kids (YouTube’s leading children’s channel with children’s music videos, popular animations, educational programs) with over 5.6 million subscribers. POPS Worldwide understands the rare of “made in Vietnam” animations and entertainment programs for children. Therefore, POPS Worldwide has launched the idea, creative contexts and Vietnamese characters suitable for kid audiences in Vietnam.

Biet Doi Ion Bac series is set to last for 18 episodes with eight minutes each episode released exclusively on YouTube – POPS Kids channel at 10:00 am on Friday, starting from August 31st.