POPS gives children equal access to premium education with exciting new interactive platform

POPS gives children equal access to premium education with exciting new interactive platform

POPS 08/31/2021

Hochiminh City, Vietnam – August 18th 2021, POPS Kids is expanding its platform to focus on direct-to-consumer learning with the launch of POPS Kids Learn. The innovative new platform helps children learn and grow from the comforts of their homes. POPS Kids Learn adds interactivity to POPS premium content to help kids learn English, Maths, Soft skills, and more.

POPS Kids Learn positions itself as the leading interactive education platform for kids. It is a marketplace for small-group, virtual after-school activities tailored to children ages 2 to 9 years. The platform adds supplemental studies and entertainment on an ongoing or one-off basis. Unlike traditional classes, each course includes multiple lectures based on advanced learning methods and direct interaction with teachers.

On August 18th, POPS Kids Learn launched an interactive English function with Elsa Speak. Children can now practice their speaking and listening skills while enjoying POPS Kids premium edutainment content in the safety of their home with accurate scores of their progress. This is a state-of-the-art proprietary speech technology that uses AI and deep learning to detect pronunciation mistakes with over 95% accuracy.

Additional courses (math, STEM, English, sports, cooking, dancing, etc.) are expected to launch on POPS Kids Learn within this August. All subjects will be available to learn at home using curriculum from Vietnam’s leading education centers like Everest Education, Teky, and other partners. With excellent material proven to help children develop from prestigious education partners combined with great experiences being a leading edutainment platform, POPS Kids Learn adds convenience and excitement to learning for both children and parents. Now, kids from all regions can benefit from a high-quality online education and obtain synchronization in the educational system through POPS Kids Learn.

The features of POPS Kids Learn create an engaging user experience and make best use of entertaining content and interactive learning. Parents can also track their child’s progress through ongoing POPS Kids Learn study reports and stay up-to-date in the Parent Community where they can blog about their experiences, review classes and help others.

With POPS Kids Learn, online learning doesn’t have to be difficult. Children ages 2 to 9 years can, often for the first time, connect learning with fun. Ms. Esther Nguyen, Founder & CEO of POPS had this to say: “As the leading edutainment brand in the APAC region with a viewership of 21 million children, POPS Kids is working hard to add value to lives of our children by making learning fun and engaging. We want to give families high-quality content and an interactive learning experience that parents can count on to help their kids during this global pandemic.”

Ms. Esther Nguyen – Founder & CEO of POPS

POPS Kids is already Asia’s leading edutainment brand for millions of fans, and POPS Kids Learn brings even more value to users. It’s a strategic step in good faith to help families make the most of online learning. POPS has a deep understanding of the needs of family audiences and so POPS Kids Learn offers exclusive access to practical interactive online courses to boost child development. It also positions POPS among the top brands for kids trusted by families around the world.

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