Two “Captains” of Software Engineers at POPS share about teammates: Pride is the first thought

Two “Captains” of Software Engineers at POPS share about teammates: Pride is the first thought

POPS 11/30/2020

They are master in providing technology solutions for many of largest corporations in the world. At POPS, they’ve built a strong relationship between team members and are two of the core drivers of POPS’ successful.

POPS App has launched in the end of 2019 and quickly got respectful achievements. In July 2020, POPS App is an online application with variety content types and suitable for a wide range of audiences. The app was on top Entertainment Apps Ranked  by Google Play in Vietnam and 5th place on top 1000 Entertainment Apps Ranked by App store in Thailand.. Software Engineering team’s commitment at POPS is to create a seamless process for the application, offering a unique entertainment experience to the customers.

The great motivation that helps them to create a lot of success is the spirit of active learning, individual skills, solidarity, and especially the experienced of our “captains” in the international market. In addition, Martin Papy – POPS’s Chief Technology Officer – has many years worked in providing optimal technology solutions for the world’s leading enterprise. Kevin McEntee – POPS’s Strategic Consultants – has nearly 20 years to accompany belong to the remarkable growth of Netflix.

Martin Papy (in the middle)- POPS’s Chief Technology Officer is the master in the field of software development and provide the latest technology solutions for the world’s leading entrepreneurs.

Martin Papy proudly shared about Software Engineer team members: “My team is amazing! They are so talented in different fields. Each of them has a special expertise and passion. The female colleagues in the team are not only beautiful but also skill full, I am very proud of our team members”.

Moreover, He confessed that POPS Software Engineer team is integrated, active and humorous. Most of our members have been with the company from the beginning of the projects. The strengths of each person are diverse such as Back End, Front End or Mobile Development. At POPS, they have combined together to reach the goal.

Members from Back End team

Ladies and Gentlement from Front End team

Mr Kevin McEntee, Strategy Consultant, has accompanied with Netflix more than 20 years. He is responsible for the optimal strategic advice for POPS’s sustainable growth, unify to prioritize the focus on team spirit, teamwork and improve connection between members. Besides, we should constantly research on digital entertainment, regional audience tastes, culture and how the organization operates.

Mr Kevin McEntee – POPS’s Sofware Strategy Consultant

Mr. Vinh Nguyen, Technical Director and Mr. Quang Ho, Director of Software Production also said that, POPS has a multi-dimensional interactive working method, based on respectable and trustful. Every day, our team has improved a lot, thereby increasing the confidence of each member. That is the main reason why we have been with POPS for many years.

Mr. Dat Pham, a new member of the Software Engineers team, excitedly shared, although he has just worked with the “bosses” for a short time, Dat Pham has learned a lot from the team during projects. Practical work that can’t be found in any theories. The active and innovative working environment at POPS has helped everyone to realize their full potential.

Mr. Kevin McEntee also revealed the open-minded requirements for POPS talents: “POPS is looking for talented software developers to build products that we are interested in using every day.” Ready to welcome more new members, welcome to POPS for to conquer global users together.

Team Building

Warmest welcome you to POPS, Our careers here: