POPS officially launches POPS eSports and expands its content library with a series of exciting eSports content

POPS officially launches POPS eSports and expands its content library with a series of exciting eSports content

POPS 08/31/2020

POPS is officially launching POPS eSports and expands its huge content library with a wide range of eSports entertainment series.

Aptly named, POPS eSports is focused on talented gamers and fans of the exploding industry, providing each with the very best in opportunities and curated content.

POPS’ CEO, Ms. Esther Nguyen recently stated, ‘For the past 12 years, POPS has delivered music, drama, comedy, kids content, anime, and comics to our fans. And it’s with great pleasure to announce that POPS will be adding esports into our family of content verticals. With the launch of POPS Esports, we will participate in this exciting and fast growing industry, providing gamers and fans a new platform.

Esther Nguyen - CEO of POPS

CEO Ms. Esther Nguyen

POPS is sponsoring pro teams across the region, with POPS V Gaming, Saigon Phantom, Division X Gaming, Percent Esports in Vietnam and POPS Bacon Time in Thailand, enabling them with the support to compete against other teams around the world. As always we are committed to bringing fans exclusive original content, live streaming and tournaments, while building a strong relationship with the gaming and esports communities.

POPS eSports - 2

By sponsoring the top teams across the region, POPS eSports is jumping headfirst into the industry with a purposeful mission to bring the support and professionalism needed to elevate the region’s gamers onto the global stage.

POPS eSports will be consistently delivering exclusive behind the scenes content across their POPS eSports YouTube channel and streaming app. Some upcoming releases will include dynamic talk shows, weekly updates, live rankings, reality shows and many other cross-platform series already in the works that take advantage of POPS existing offerings.

Following a commitment to providing personalized entertainment experiences for the entire family, regardless of age, POPS takes its role as a trusted curator of the content it provides very serious and POPS eSports maintains this role, ensuring nothing but the very best the industry has to offer is available for fans’ entertainment.

For more info, refer to POPs eSports channel at http://www.youtube.com/POPSeSports