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Leading Digital Entertainment Company POPS Enters NFT Marketplace


On December 26, 2021, POPS will finish its historic year with a valuable new addition to its rapidly evolving platform. POPS Thailand will premier a first drop of its very own POPS NFT. This first release of NFTs will be LGBTQ focused in a show of solidarity and will position POPS as a thought leader in NFT technology across Southeast Asia.

NFT is short for “non-fungible token.” This refers to a digital asset, usually art, that is wholly unique and cannot be replaced or duplicated by any other. Ownership of an NFT is verified on a blockchain. The inherent uniqueness and limited supply of each NFT make them appealing and valuable collectibles. And with POPS NFTs users can get easy access, buying directly through the app with a credit card without needing any prior knowledge of blockchain or cryptocurrencies.

As both a piece of digital art as well as an investment opportunity, NFT marks a new frontier in technology that is quickly gaining popularity around the world. POPS is more than ready to take part in this opportunity. With a well-established digital ecosystem, including a large library of unique content, POPS sits atop a goldmine of NFT opportunities.

Regional Director, Bani Tan.

POPS Leadership is thrilled to see what the future holds. POPS Regional Operation Director Bani Tan had this to say about the upcoming LGBTQ NFT collection: “Our first drop will be a major step towards our thought leadership in NFT technology in SEA. It also perfectly fits within our POPS (TH) ecosystem strategy and matches our focus towards Anime and LGBTQ content, social commerce, comics, gaming, and merchandising.”

POPS’ founder and CEO Esther Nguyen.

POPS Founder and CEO Esther Nguyen also shared her confidence in the rapid growth of NFTs around the world as well as the potential of POPS NFTs in a recent talk. “From the very beginning, we at POPS have been on a mission to build the largest digital ecosystem of carefully curated content to educate and entertain all ages. The continuous improvement of NFTs marks an exciting time in our industry and makes for a perfect addition and fit for what we’ve built. Now the great digital content produced by POPS and POPS artists can bring value to users in new and groundbreaking ways in the NFT marketplace.”

To accomplish this state of the art initiative, POPS has partnered with Gameflip. As POPS digital payment partner, Gameflip will help enable POPS users to make transactions directly in the POPS app to buy these exciting POPS NFTs.

This initiative has tons of potential and there are even plans to expand offerings in the new year with POPS Stars. POPS is well established and strategically positioned to quickly roll out these projects and it will be interesting to see what else the future holds in the new year.