POPS started as a music provider for top telco networks & music platforms. The first multi platform network in Vietnam, POPS successfully established the country’s copyrighted entertainment industry and is now a leader in content acquisition and distribution with a variety of categories across multiple platforms.
With the region’s largest platform for digital content, POPS is the content creator’s first choice when thinking about SEA. Founded in Vietnam and rapidly expanding across Thailand and the region beyond, we understand what major local markets want. We know how to attract eyeballs in an already crowded content environment while also protecting intellectual properties, and perhaps most importantly we know how to drive profits.
Our content library is updated every day by a diverse array of talented storytellers, producers and artists. Over 170 million fans, followers and subscribers have driven hundreds of billions of views across the platform to date. With the number of users across the region growing every day, POPS is the premier destination for local and global brands to connect with their audiences.


In 2011, POPS became Vietnam’s first official partner of YouTube. The platform has since grown into the largest multi-channel network in the country, and soon the region, with more than 650 channels producing entertaining content for all ages daily. POPS owns 14 major YouTube channels and operates more than 600 channels from famous artists, partners, and content creators across the region.
Here are just a few of the celebrated YouTube channels we own:
- POPS Music: The top music channel in Vietnam with more than 6.6 billion views and 7.5 million subscribers.
- POPS TV: Showcasing the best entertainment the region has to offer with more than 850 million views and 1.8 million subscribers.
- POPS Kids: A curated kids-first edutainment channel for children aged 3 - 7, with over 10.5 million subscribers and 10.5 billion views.


POPS also owns fan pages across Facebook promoting a diverse array of entertainment content for all ages. With the largest content library in the country and more than 20 social fan pages, POPS engages directly with more than 15 million fans across SEA, driving over 730 million views per month and close to 10.5 billion views to date.