Zico is an seasoned business leader in the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) industry. He is an expert in building and expanding rapidly growing startup companies, considering factors such as business development direction, strategic partnerships, and sales growth – all crucial elements in his approach to work. As a result, he is quick and adept at making and finalizing business deals with any strategic partners to achieve the company’s goals. This has been demonstrated through his experience in developing mobile applications from scratch, contributing to the growth from 0 to 1 for several mobile applications he has been involved in.

Born and raised in Jakarta, he is an electronics engineer by profession, but he decided not to pursue a career in electronics. Instead, he embraced the challenge of joining the ever-changing music market and worked for Universal Music.

Before joining POPS, Zico held various strategic positions in both startup companies and large enterprises. He has experience in rapidly developing mobile applications from 0 to 1, such as JOOX for Tencent, Yonder Music for Axiata, and UC Browser for Alibaba. During that time, Joox and UC Browser built a development trajectory and became leading products in the Indonesian market.

He joined POPS in September 2020 as the first employee in Indonesia. Subsequently, he built a team from scratch and tripled the company’s scale in the second year. In two years of operation, POPS is recognized as one of the top 5 influential marketing companies and the top choice for content creation companies in Indonesia.

Zico has a sweet tooth and finds it hard to resist the temptation of his favorite desserts. Therefore, he regularly practices Muay Thai and CrossFit to maintain balance.