POPS takes the opportunity of 50% sharp growth in video content sector launches “Digital ShowCial”, an edutainment reality about tips for online marketing success!

POPS takes the opportunity of 50% sharp growth in video content sector launches “Digital ShowCial”, an edutainment reality about tips for online marketing success!

POPS 09/30/2020

POPS (Thailand)” responses to the 50% growth of video content trends by launching “Digital ShowCial”, an edutainment reality to convey popular social media trends and online marketing experiences, highlighting and inserting knowledge with entertainment. It is set to be a communication medium that is easy to understand and accessible to Thai marketers and the general public, providing free of charge via YouTube and Facebook Watch since late August 2020.

Mr. Bani Tan, Regional Operations Director and Country Manager of POPS (Thailand), the leading online marketing agency and leading multi-platform content production company in Southeast Asia, said that video streaming platforms have increased 54% and consumer internet usage rates have soared nearly seven hours a day according to a survey conducted by We Are Social in early 2020. Further, the formats of posts that generate the most followers or engagement are video posts across platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitch, while on Twitter, the number of text format post is dropped by 16%.

Bani Tan

As consumer behavior has been changing, brands have to keep up to date with new trends, as a result, the social media marketing industry has adapted by turning to focus more and on video platforms recently, especially on TikTok, which has become a popular social media platform currently. In the first half of 2020, TikTok has multiplied its growth and achieved 2 billion downloads worldwide, with more than 800 million users. In Thailand, TikTok has over 18 million users and has a total of over 6.2 billion views per month, and more than 90% of users in Thailand are young people who prefer to buy things online.

Mr. Bani said that POPS possesses experience and expertise in working with more than 700 social campaigns a year, and for that reason, POPS has come up with the idea of ​​bringing various online marketing experience and expertise to present in the form of a short reality video and digital entertainment. It is a combination of new social media trends produced as a reality on edutainment format or as called “Digital ShowCial”, the content is produced to be compelling and easy-to-understand to communicate to marketers and general audiences. At the beginning phase of the launch, it will be the content about how-to-do marketing on TikTok, which is a trendy and popular platform nowadays, ready to be published for free viewing from the end of August 2020 on both YouTube and Facebook Watch.

“From our experience in social campaigns, it allows us to gain an in-depth understanding of each platform characteristic which has had a huge impact on consumer interest and participation. Therefore, we intend to provide tips for this area of our expertise in the form of a fun series which can be watched for free. Each episode will be approximately 3-4 minutes long with the concept of edutainment or fun educational content. This will be suitable for people who are really interested in online marketing and we hope you find this Digital ShowCial series helpful or useful for online marketers.” added by Mr. Bani.

“Digital ShowCial”, a reality edutainment and quality content for marketers and interested people is ready to be served for free of charge by POPS!! on YouTube and Facebook Watch.

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