POPS 10/31/2018

Ho Chi Minh (October 16th, 2018) – POPS Worldwide and Herotainment, LLC officially announced an upcoming launch of Smighties – An animation series lightens up children dreams streaming on POPS Kids channel from mid-October, 2018.  

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With this partnership, POPS Worldwide – the leading digital entertainment in Southeast Asia will have the right to release the 39-part, seven minutes series – “Smighties” with the Vietnamese dubbing version on POPS Kids – the No.1 edutainment channel for kids with over 5.7 million subscribers and more than 5 billion views starting from this mid-October. In addition, POPS Worldwide will be distributing the series to broadcast channels and managing the licensing of Smighties consumer products for Vietnam.

Smighties is the brand new animated series and comedy adventure about the small and mighty heroes from a magical land. Being co-developed and co-produced by Herotainment and Toonz Media Group, Smighties is an amusing adventure of a group of six small but mighty superheroes from a magical world – Zip, Zap, Nardy, Melody, Leila, and Dude- who embrace teamwork, friendship and fun.

An award-winning team of seven, whose credits include Duck Tales, Winnie the Pooh, Secret Millionaires Club, Clifford the Big Red Dog and Angry Birds Toons, writes the series. This series not only features the Super Six Smighties but also introduces over 130 unique Smighties from five regions. Smighties protect the Smighty Stones, magical gems that when combined, create an unstoppable force. When trouble comes along, these small heroes shine through with teamwork, friendship, and fun.

Highlighting the positive message,“you may be little, but you still can have big dreams”, Smighties is truly an inspiring animated series about courage and the show enlightens the dreams for every child. Because after all, the key to the big dreams is friendship and teamwork.

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Co-CEO for Herotainment, Caryn Teman, said: “We are so excited to partner with POPS Worldwide to bring the Smighties and their magical adventures to kids and families in Vietnam.”

Fabien Lotz, Country Manager of POPS Worldwide, shared: “As part of a series of strategic partnerships with international content partners to bring the high-quality content to many fans, Herotainment is the next partner that POPS Worldwide collaborated with to bring the lovely and meaningful animated series like Smighties to Vietnamese audiences. With a positive and meaningful message, we believe that it is not only for entertaining but also a highly educational series for kids audiences.”

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