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POPS brings world-famous virtual YouTuber to Vietnamese anime fans


Episode 1 of the Kizuna no Allele anime (in Vietnamese translation: Học Viện  Nghệ Sĩ Ảo), is currently premiering for the first time on POPS platform with Vietnamese dubbing.

The story follows a group of five girls embarking on a journey to become virtual artists with the esteemed virtual YouTuber, Kizuna AI, serving as an inspirational figure for these talented young individuals. Kizuna AI is the first world-famous virtual YouTuber with over 3 millions followers.

Ms Tram Tran, Associate Acquisition and Localisation Manager of POPS Worldwide, expressed her excitement for bringing high-quality dubbed anime to Vietnamese anime fans, especially during the summer season.

“Our goal is to consistently provide Vietnamese anime fans with a wide array of captivating and diverse content,  meeting the ever-growing demands  in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. We believe this anime series will offer an incredible viewing experience for anime young lovers,” Ms Tram said.

Kizuna no Allele Vietnamese dubbed version will be also broadcast exclusively on YouTube POPS Anime in June 20230, promising to bring the audience with incredible viewing experiences. In addition, this anime project is being broadcast on TV channel TOKYO in Japan, including 12 episodes, 25 minutes each.

View Kizuna no Allele on POPS App at https://pops.tv/video/hoc-vien-nghe-si-ao-s1-tap-1-mot-niem-hanh-phuc-lang-lang-64742080b2c22e005f287b54