3 Reasons that make POPS become "the land of promise" for Software Engineer

3 Reasons that make POPS become “the land of promise” for Software Engineer

POPS 10/31/2020

Almost a year goes by, POPS App continues to be a POPS’s key product in the digital entertainment market in Southeast Asia, ranked at the top of the entertainment application chart in Vietnam and Thailand. By doing that, POPS developer team plays a leading role in reaching the achievement.

Launched in November 2019, POPS App has become a the leading entertainment application in Southeast Asia, providing millions monthly active users with 100% copyrighted and original content across genres like movies, comedies, educational programs, entertainment, music videos, comics, anime, animation… After 1 month launching in Thailand, POPS App has ranked 5th on the Top 1000 Entertainment Apps App Store (iOS) chart in Thailand. In July 2020, POPS App reached the Top Entertainment Apps of Google Play Vietnam. The application is available on the platforms Website, Web Mobile, Mobile App and Smart TV.

Behind those respectable achievements is the contribution from all POPS members. Particularly, the Connected App (CA) team is playing a core role, creating a solid development foundation for POPS applications and other digital platforms of POPS. They quietly create interesting experiences in life by programming languages. What binds them to POPS and creates interesting, innovative products?

Opportunities to access new technologies, new challenges

Software Engineer at POPS are led by both domestic and foreign experts with a dynamic and open multinational working environment. Reaching all Southeast Asia’s users are the targets that the team will conquer with POPS.

According to the survey, the question is “what makes you feel fresh every day when working at POPS?” the majority of POPS Software Engineers share that, POPS always knows how to “be as attractive as the first day”. They are always updated with new technologies, expanded new skills, freely sharing and exchanging new experiences to each other. Even newcomers are given the opportunity to participate in new product development projects without hesitation. Here at POPS, everyone is trusted.

Mr. Trung Tran – Technical Lead, shared: “At POPS, everyone is encouraged to freely express opinions, criticize and expand activities in all different aspects of the project.  Boldness, confidence and mutual respect are the foundation to create the best breakthrough and work efficiency ”.

Mr. Long Tran, Software Architect, said “I am always looking for a place where I can develop my passion, POPS gives me the opportunity to access new technologies, which has been challenging us a lot. “


People often talk about Software Engineers who only consider writing “mystery” code, at POPS, it will not be difficult to see the image of young and energetic boys and girls. Play hard and do your best.

With slogan “Nothing is impossible”, the team always put themself in users’ behavior to create the most useful, convenient and entertaining products. As the team said, being a Soft Engineers at POPS is quite a chill journey. A cheerful, optimistic environment and team spirit is a way to help them “fight” all projects. They work well as a team, where is no meaning of working alone.


A female Software Engineer in the team, Ms. Chau Luu – Senior Software Engineer, with 8 years of working at POPS also has an interesting thought, “The working environment at POPS is ideal for my creativity. Everyone here supports each other to come up with the best outcome. I feel proud to be a member of the team.”

Unique internal activities for everyone, flexible working times

POPS knows how important it is for employees to be motivated at work. So it’s vital that we invest in activities that uplift the mood of our employees. Everyone always receive unexpected gifts on the desk, enjoy performances, buffets on special occasions such as Mid- Autumn, Halloween, X-mas, Lunar New Year,… Those activities that suit everyone which are not only relaxing but also promotes teamwork

Confidence, fun, optimism, respect and connection are big motivations that help POPS’s hard-working Software Engineers to achieve the best results. Along with the strong development of POPS in Southeast Asia, the CA team is constantly expanding in quantity and quality, always ready to welcome new members with positive energy.

Find more opportunities to work with POPS at  https://popsww.com/en/careers/