• The POPS Network works with 2,300+ content partners from all over the world. The top digital stars, musicians, production companies, broadcasters and content owners have made POPS their multiplatform, multichannel network partner of choice as a one-stop stop solution for promoting and growing their digital audience
  • The POPS family is a dedicated team of 200+ members across the Southeast Asia region. We provide the local and international ideation, strategy, marketing, legal and technical know-how to make you successful across every digital platform
  • We help you grow your subscribers and viewership. Our hands-on promotion and cross-collaboration process has successfully built up leading content partner communities across multiple platforms – let us do this for you
  • Our in-house digital agency team, POPS BAS (Brand and Ads Solutions), links interested brands and agencies with content partners in the POPS Networks to deliver innovative branded content solutions authentic to your community
  • POPS works to ensure the proper intellectual property protection and monetization for your original work
  • Founded in 2008 with a history of upholding intellectual property rights. POPS was the first YouTube Certified Partner in Vietnam in 2012
International Partners
  1. - What is POPS?
    POPS is the leading digital entertainment company in Southeast Asia with operations in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi and Bangkok. Founded in 2007, POPS has been at the forefront of licensed music and entertainment content. We create strong collaborations with local and international music and entertainment partners through the production, distribution, audience building, digital rights protection and monetization of licensed digital content. Today, you can find POPS network content powering every leading digital platform such as: ringtone Apple iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Spotify, Guvera, Deezer, Facebook and Dailymotion. We have been a YouTube Certified Partner since 2012.
  2. - How do I become a POPS network partner?
    To become the partner of POPS, you must have contents, your channel and the copyright ownership for this content. If two parties (POPS and you) will agree with all the terms in the contract. Then POPS becomes your active channel partner to connect with the POPS network. The POPS team will help you actively manage your content upload, intellectual property protection and monetization. In as little as 5 business days, your network become part of the largest network in Vietnam.
  3. - How do i work for POPS?
    POPS is regularly recruiting new employees and job postings are placed on major job sites. You can also find postings in our Careers section at
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